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Sweatz is a Waves based crypto currency which is designed to disrupt the online fitness sector by rewarding runners, walkers, cyclists and rowers for their efforts. Sweatz Beta Testing starts 6th November!

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About Us

What is Sweatz?

Our philosophy is to unite athletes of all abilities, who have a passion for the exercise they undertake. Our goal is not only to inspire our members to train harder but to actually reward them for their efforts. Our goal is to disrupt the online training sector to establish a crypto currency that not only becomes the currency of online athletes but an actual source of value that can be redeemed in online sports stores , for participating in events or for donating to charities.

Athletes will be paid in Sweatz not only for the exercise they undertake but also for content they upload to the Sweatz portal. Content could include training techniques, race reports, sports clothing and equipment reviews and even healthy recipes and other nutritional advice.

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Athletes record their workouts using GPS devices and upload their files to their favourite training portals such as Strava, Training Peaks and Garmin Connect. Our members then copy the URL of their workout and login to the Sweatz portal, sending the URL to us. We verify the workout then depending on the type of workout and of course the distance undertaken we award and send Sweatz currency to the athleteís online wallet. Sweatz will partner with leading online sporting companies and strike deals so that Sweatz can be redeemed for discounts for sporting goods or can be used to enter races and sportives.

Any athlete, no matter their level can join the Sweatz community completely for free!

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How We Reward Our Users

Most people struggle a little in regards to the concept of Sweatz when they first become aware of it. People simple do not understand how we can in effect give away crypto currency plus donít understand how we the team behind Sweatz make money. Itís very important to us that we are transparent with our users so let us explain in much more detail.

To understand the Sweatz concept and how it will disrupt existing portals then firstly you need to comprehend how existing portals function and generate income. Many online communities are very profitable. At the very top of the tree the likes of Facebook has a market capital of 500 billion dollars (Oct 2017) and is projected to increase further. Facebookís revenue comes from advertisements which you canít fail to notice appear all over Facebook. In simple terms companies pay for their adverts to appear on Facebook. Now if you take the time to think about the pages of Facebook, every page is created by its users. Facebook donít have to create any content because its billions of users do that for free every day. The more pages on Facebook, the more space for advertisements which equates to more earnings for Facebook. So in reality it is the users of Facebook who create the content which hosts Facebook advertisements which generate income. The users though, no matter how good their content actually is, or no matter how attractive it is to potential advertisers, get no part of the revenue.

On a smaller scale, of which there must be millions online, other online communities are found hosted on forums and blogs. Owners of such communities again sell advertisements on pages that their users create but their users get nothing. Understand now why content is king online and why free quality content from users can be worth its weight in gold? So now you understand how revenue is generated from online communities, but how does that relate to Sweatz? Well we intend to work in a different manner which is much fairer to our users and indeed actually profitable to our users.

We will generate our currency using the Waves Platform Blockchain. Letís say for example that we generate 50 million Sweatz tokens of which the Sweatz team retain 10 million. The remainder we put aside to distribute to our user base who earn them by submitting a run, ride, walk or row or even by submitting content to us which appears on the Sweatz portal. All our active users will have to visit the Sweatz portal each week to submit their training URLS which will generate quality traffic to the Sweatz portal. Also in time with quality content from Sweatz users we hope to have thousands of quality pages which will be very attractive to online sporting companies. Once of course we have built a quality online community with thousands of quality pages then our portal will become very attractive to potential advertisers. Now instead of the companies paying the Sweatz team direct to place their advertisements, we will strike deals for either discounts or free goods which can be purchased by Sweatz token holders. As soon as we get to the stage where Sweatz tokens can be exchanged for discounts and goods, each Sweatz then has a value. Also of great importance, as we the team will NOT generate any income by affiliate deals or advertisements, we can only earn from running the Sweatz Portal by generating value for the Sweatz token, which in turn creates value for all our users who are earning our tokens each week.

How Much Does It Cost To Join?
There is no membership or sign-up fee! Sweatz is 100% Free

What is the current value of the currency?
Current value of the Sweatz currency at the moment is of course zero.

How Long Before The Currency Has Value?
At the moment we are just preparing to run a beta test which will run into the early part of 2018. This will help us fine tune and automate our payment system. Our actual launch date is not until Q3 2018. We don't expect the Sweatz currency to gain value until the later part of 2018.

Do Users Keep Sweatz Currency Earned During Beta Tests?
Yes! All currency earned during the Beta Tests will be kept by those who earn it.

For The Closed Beta Do Members Have To Submit Their Rides & Runs?
No. During the first Beta Test, which commences on Nov 1st members simply join our Strava group, create an online wallet and receive a payment each week without having to submit any data. We will be accessing members data direct from the Strava group. The main function of the initial Beta Test is to test the payment scripts. For the next Beta, which will take place during early 2018, members will have to submit each run /ride into the Sweatz portal.

How Will The Sweatz Currency Gain Value?
Sweatz will gain value because as the Sweatz Portal gains visitors and page views it will attract advertisers and potential sponsors. Instead of taking payments for advertisements, affiliate deals and sponsorship agreements, we will strike deals to trade our payments for discounts and vouchers which our members can purchase with Sweatz.

How Do The Sweatz Team Make Money?
The Sweatz team will hold a percentage of the Sweatz currency. If the currency does not gain value, then the team loses its investment. The team can only recover its start-up costs, running cost and make a profit, if indeed the Sweatz currency gains value.

Why Use The Waves Platform?
We have of course looked at all the major crypto currencies in regards to hosting Sweatz. We believe though that Waves will offer a complete solution for the Sweatz currency. With Waves it's relatively easy to create an account. Waves will have a cutting edge crypto exchange later this year plus with Waves NG, which enables the Waves Platform to process 1000's of transactions a second, Smart Contracts which we will utilise to automate payments and data reading, plus a messenger which we hope to use to replace emails, the Waves Platform will give us a complete solution.

Creating a Waves Account?
To take part in the Beta Test you need to create a Waves account. You need this so we can send you Sweatz. There is no charge to create a Waves account nor do you have to enter either personal details or card details. Please though ensure you use a secure password and keep a printed copy of your account in a secure place.


Our Features

How we do it

Multi Platform Development

Although initially just starting with Strava data, we intend to expand so we can accept data from other portals such as Training Peaks, Garmin, Fitbit plus many others. We will work closely with our client user base and develop accordingly.

Easy To Use

Sweatz will be extremely easy to use with data from your runs, rides, walks and rows being able to input into the Sweatz system within minutes. Sweatz will action a payment run each week with your earnings sent direct to your wallet. As easy as 123!

Blockchain Technology

Sweatz will run on the renowned Waves Platform Blockchain. This offers our members a secure host for their online wallets plus a range of other services including buying and selling crypto currencies, trading, messaging plus much more.

Sweatz Awards

Use your Sweatz to buy achievement awards which we will be adding when we launch. Our awards will aim to inspire you to ďkeep on keeping onĒ to increase your fitness and general wellbeing. Awards such as run 20k a week for a month or even walk 10k steps a day for a month.


We understand that the fitness tracking industry plus indeed blockchain technology is in its infancy and is bound to quickly evolve during the next few years. We intend to grow and evolve with the technology to ensure Sweatz always remain at the cutting edge of innovation.

Premium Support

Need more info or perhaps you want us to add your favourite sports tracking portal to Sweatz? No problem! Simply contact us and we will do our very best to help you.


Q4 2017

November 2017 - Closed Beta Test

Starting with the creation of the Sweatz Token on the Waves Platform during October 2017, the following month we start running in test mode, issuing Sweatz to Athletes who have been selected to test the Sweatz Portal.

Q1 2018

Open Beta Test

During the latter part of the first quarter of 2018 the test group will be vastly expanded so we can fine tune our auto URL checking scripts. At this stage we will only be accepting Strava URLs. We will also be developing a custom Sweatz Wallet.

Q2 2018

Custom Wallet Release

Release of the Sweatz custom online wallet plus additional acceptance of sports activity portals so that Sweatz is available to a wider audience. Fine tuning of all Sweatz scripts and registration processes.

Q3 2018

Sweatz Official Launch

The official launch of Sweatz plus news in regards to other ways our members can earn even more Sweatz. Reveal of our first sponsors.


Sweatz (SWZ) Max Daily Earnings

Select Your Sport

Running (km)

Up to 42k
  • 5k Earns .5 SWZ
  • 10k Earns 1 SWX
  • 15K Earns 1.5 SWZ
  • 20K Earns 2.5 SWZ
  • 42K Earns 5 SWZ
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Walking (Steps)

Up to 40k
  • 10k Steps Earn 1 SWZ
  • 15k Steps Earn 1.5 SWZ
  • 20k Steps Earn 2 SWZ
  • 25k Steps Earn 3 SWZ
  • 40k Steps Earn 5 SWZ
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Cycling (km)

Up to 300k
  • 25k Earns .5 SWZ
  • 50k Earns 1 SWZ
  • 100k Earns 1.5 SWZ
  • 160k Earns 2.5 SWZ
  • 300K Earns 5 SWZ
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Rowing (km)

Up to 42k
  • 5k Earns .5 SWZ
  • 10k Earns 1 SWZ
  • 15K Earns 1.5 SWZ
  • 20K Earns 2.5 SWZ
  • 42K Earns 5 SWZ
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No Planned ICO!

Many new crypto start-ups fund their projects by selling off a large percentage of their currency even before they have developed their project. Rightly so, many feel that some ICOs are scams or Ponzi schemes which is definitely not the case with Sweatz.

Transparency with our member is very important to us and indeed for the long term future of Sweatz, so we have decided against running an ICO. We do though realise that we do need liquidity plus that some would like to take a share in SWEATZ, especially those who will be our loyal members during the coming years. We have decided that we will offer up for sale up to 1% of Sweatz, on the Waves Exchange at a discounted rate of no more than 0.0025 Waves per SWEATZ. To make the 1% available to all rather than 1 potential investor with deep pockets, we will add a small quantity of Sweatz to the Dex exchange over the coming weeks, looking to fill orders set by small investors, rather than adding them all in one go. For those who are interested simply load the Waves Exchange and search for the Sweatz Token which has an asset id of:


If the asset id does not match the id above then it is NOT the official Sweatz Token!

Sweatz Token Details

The total number of Sweatz Tokens is 50,000,000 of which just 500,000 (1%) will be made available on the Waves Exchange. These will be added to the Waves DEX in small batches over the coming weeks with a fixed price of 0.0025 WAVES per SWEATZ. Please do not contact us in regards to purchasing large amounts or for bulk deals because we will not offer such deals.

Potential Sweatz Token Price

If you take a look at our roadmap ( you will see that we are at the start of a long journey to make Sweatz a credible and indeed a valuable asset. Please don't buy SWEATZ tokens from the Waves Dex if you are looking for a quick profit as you are most likely to be very disappointed. We have no plans to add SWEATZ to other exchanges until late 2018 or even 2019. We don't envisage SWEATZ gaining traction or indeed increased value until late 2018 or even later. Also remember that you can take part in our Open Beta Test, which will run from early 2018 and earn Sweatz completely free!

Airdrop to Waves WCT Holders

To further increase liquidity of the SWEATZ token, we plan to airdrop 2 SWEATZ tokens to WAVES account holders who hold Waves Community Tokens (WCT) in their WAVES wallet. With around 25,000 WCT holders that's around 50,000 SWEATZ. We are planning another Airdrop just before our launch in Q3 2018.

Beta Testers Double Earnings

During our Beta Tests which start Nov 1st 2017 we will be rewarding those who take part with double rewards. So for every SWEATZ they earn they will get another completely free!


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